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A week of love


After a week, he might not be able to breathe any more. It was very likely. There was a probability, and there was a bad premonition that always fits well. So Jeong-Grim decided to be greedy. It’s impudent, but selfish, but I have to meet On Jung-woo.
I went to the alumni meeting and finally met him. But Jungwoo says to have a relationship.

“I’m going to America in a week.”

The operation was a week ahead. Jungwoo wasn’t surprised by my words that he was going to America.

“Then, you only have to have a relationship for a week.”

It was fortunate that it was an infinitely light offer.

A week of love
Associated Names: 일주일의 연애
Genres: BL
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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