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“ Marriage the daughter of Sungdong Group Chairman Jeong .”

Ji-wook dropped the porcelain he was holding at the pointless words . After the day when my father took my stepmother’s hand and entered the house For the first time, the heart beats .

“ I do , that marriage .”

“There is no idiot anywhere in the world who marries someone you know .”

She has to meet a man who is much better than herself . She is a woman who never suits Kang Ji-wook, who grapples with the boredom of life like gum .

“You’re marrying a crazy guy like me ?

The moment you become my girl , you also become a crazy bitch .

I ‘m falling to hell !”

Crazy bitch . His words that are close to threats to Yeonwoo It feels like an unbearable forbidden fruit without eating it . With a fearless answer, Yeon-woo asked him to shake hands .

” Dont way to hell , ask well .”

Associated Names: 탐미
Mr. Bokhee
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.07.20
Status: N/A

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