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Chestnuts dyed red


It was a woman who could only have it by trampling on it .

So I lost everything and dropped it lowly .

Sulliyeon was trembling finely like a bird that fell to the ground after being beaten .

But Yungang didn’t hate this kind of woman . Now , she was my slave, not the Sun-dynasty .

β€œ What will you give me if you spare the ruins of your country? ”

β€œ … Whatever , your Majesty .”

If you look at me, do women suffer more lovable .

So handeul What does matter .

Anyway, if you are a woman with no leftover happiness, even if you suffer, it will stop if you receive it by my side .

β€œ What you said you would give me should be you .”

Chestnuts dyed red
Associated Names: λΆ‰κ²Œ 물듀인 λ°€
Genres: romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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