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Huo Shao’s Contracted Sweet Wife


“Huo Shao’s Sweet Wife by Contract” everyone knows, Shaodong Huo and Miss Lin have been in love for many years, but they were cut off by the goblin Xu Wan. All kinds of curses swept over him. Xu Wan was silent, but he was in the heat. At the peak, he took out a marriage certificate and threw it directly to the Huosnian who was aside; “Huo, can I trouble the Civil Affairs Bureau for a walk?” Huosnian took the divorce certificate calmly and tore it to pieces, coaxing him into speaking, “My wife, be good, A place like the Civil Affairs Bureau is enough to go once in a lifetime.”…

Huo Shao’s Contracted Sweet Wife
Associated Names: 霍少的契约甜妻
Yan Wu Ching
Genres: romacne
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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