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Paradise of oblivion


The boundary dividing the land of the chosen and the unselected , the wall of Hasla .

Held once in three months, the day the door , hit the top of facing life with the best bottom .

β€œIf all you want is to die, I’ll help you .”

The top layer of the pyramid, Serin , the most noble blood .

I feel an unknown attraction to a vain-eyed man in a jumpsuit .

” Really me , I could kill you ?”

Cheonghyun, who has let go of the meaning of life in the bottom of life with an ugly fate .

She blames seureowoomyeonseodo that the blind hope , makes you wanna hold her hand .

β€œ Hyunah , what if I don’t love you , I’m sympathetic ?”

β€œ I don’t care about such a deal . I have no intention of letting go of you .”

Serene, who is at the highest place, but her life is shaking unstable

Cheong-hyun decides to lead a life that is heartless to the desire to own her .

I was convinced that each other is salvation beyond love ,

When I looked up, all I could see was a sharp thorny path .

” How can I forget you . I have never forgotten you .”

With a woman who lost her memory

β€œ I won’t let you go again anymore .”

A man who can’t even choose to die himself .

The day when the bell of oblivion rang and darkness covered the sky of Yidam ,

The line memories found forgot to come back , and the wind begins to blow reform .

Paradise of oblivion
Associated Names: 망각의 낙원
Hair net
Genres: romance
Year: September, 2020
Status: N/A

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