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Four o’clock in the ill


“ I like four in the afternoon .”

“ Why ?”

“It ‘s the best time to give up .”

Shin Soo-hyun, a designer recognized as the muse of New York celebrities .

I visit Seoul after 8 years to launch a domestic brand .

Where memories of painful love remain .

A place full of memories of loss .

However, it is also the place where he lives, not forgotten .

She looks at Geon-woo who came to her with a sarcastic look .

“Have you tried dating for the first time ? Pitches are pitches thought , I do not ? “

“It’s sneaky . I also think this reality is dirty and disgusting .”

“ I don’t know how you are, but to me, you ended 8 years ago .”

“That way , that way , you’re talking loudly .”

Su-hyun frowned in his eyes .

“ I think I’m mistaken, but I’ll organize it first . I , I hate woman also good , women are left me even more hate . I’m sick of a woman because of the dirty parting memory . Please explain why we had to break up like that .”

“ Ha ! Are you sitting there right now because you want to hear the explanation ?”

“ Pretending not to remember , pretending to apologize . Will you be disgusting in the end ?”

“The end is originally disgusting .”

“ I liked it when I finished it .”

“As if I was looking, I kicked out the door with one foot . Then .”

“ How far is that door ? It’s expensive and you have to pay it to scratch .”

I haven’t even felt the breakup with Suhyun for a single moment .

Whenever the season changed, I visited New York . Articles watching Claudia Kim turned in meonbalchi , was afraid to look at until the day she fled to more distant places .

They weren’t breaking up because of the opposition .

Soo-hyun talks to him who urges the reason for breaking up .

“ Geonwoo Ji , do you know how disgusting you are to me ?”

“ So you’re telling me to speak !”

“ I was there where you met Jun-hee Jeon .”

“ What are you talking about ?”

” Was it this hotel ? VVIP Lounge .”

A muddy voice flew in .

” I VVIP someone who’s able to enter the lounge nugulkka ?”

“It’s mean awesome .”

“ It was the first and last day that I met Jeon Jun-hee at this hotel .”

“ You don’t even have to talk privately .”

“ Shut up and listen !”

The reason Soohyun was shy without knowing it was because of his eyes that seemed to have lost his reason .

” VVIP who enables you to enter the lounge that he was prepared place . Holy seed X !”

Gunwoo, who filled the puzzle pieces that couldn’t fit so much, swears silently .

” We , one Want dating years ?”

First of all, unlike the person who suggested dating, Suhyun always feels a cool distance . It is like a glass wall that nothing can penetrate .

“ I like four in the afternoon .”

“ Why ?”

“It ‘s the best time to give up . Around one or two in the afternoon, I feel anxious . You shouldn’t waste a day like this , while doing . Then at four in the afternoon, the tension is relieved . Yes , today’s over , All you have to do is start tomorrow . “

Looking at the far sky, she mutters as if talking to herself .

“ Resignation is not bad .”

“ I just want to give up that much , you can stop .”

Gunwoo’s words, which I have never even told myself, make her embarrassing . With her trying to stay by my side for Geonwoo Geonwoo does not want to miss her heart like that . The puzzle pieces that were so vague in the two people’s dream of frostbite are coming together … … .

Four o’clock in the ill
Associated Names: 불온한 오후 네 시
Mr. Bokhee
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.10.30
Status: N/A

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