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Anyun, an unstable betaine, is expressed as an omega one day.
By the way, the moment I was with my Alpine younger brother, An Tae-o. I
hate myself for being in heat with the pheromone of my unrequited brother, but
Tae-oh An’s reaction is very different from what was expected.

“Oh, then, if I do with my brother, will he have my child?”

And, to
my brother, Alpha, who was in estrus with body and mind, appeared.

“Wow, you really… … . kill. Fuck your scent and the smell of Antae-o mixed well?
Let’s go home. … … I’ll be pretty.”

“ Wow … If you want to come.”

A soft voice concealed my heart. Unlike the saying that if you want to come, Alpha’s pheromone, which attracts Omega, was very bitter. He was insidious, but it was fascinating.
I couldn’t help with tears and drool, and I cried out and crawled. He raised his head on his knees, as hard as An Tae-o’s kneeling stones. An Tae-o smiled with a gentle smile, faced with a blank face stained with all kinds of body fluids.

“Hyung, I came on my feet because I wanted mine. … … You shouldn’t blame me later. Understand?”

An Tae-o, who was dealing with me with a fat or expressionless face, was just before kissing me, and laughter filled her mouth.

Associated Names: 풍랑(風浪)
Genres: Boys’ Love (BL)
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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