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Black Monarch’s Flower


“I just hope that my presence does not burden your Majesty.”
King’s government and upright and upright escort knight, Louis O’Nell.
On that cold winter day, I made up my mind when I held the king’s hand.
To live for the king… … .

“I tolerate those who lift their heads under my feet, but not those who play above my head.”
Cahill Roger, the cunning and vulgar man, king of Arrannoas.
Countless lives are killed by his ruthless steps to take the powerful kingship in hand.

“As long as you do not go beyond concubines, we will guarantee a comfortable life.”
“You are cruel.”

Cahill thought Lewis was just a possession.
His attitude makes her confused,
Eventually, he decides to leave the palace.

“Don’t think about it, Lewis. I have no intention of abandoning you. Even if you die, you will be buried with me.”

The mutual love of two people living in a chaotic era.
Where will their choices and decisions go?

Black monarch’s flower
Associated Names: 검은 군주의 꽃
Seo Jinhyo
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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