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Darkmoon Era


The civilization was overthrown overnight, and when the weird purple moon rose, a new purple moon era began. Damn, what kind of ecosystem is this? Evolution is so disordered, rabbits can bite people, and plants are not easy to mess with. Evolve into a purple moon warrior? What can this have to do with Ziyue? What map is this? Safety Zone? Dangling domain? Port of Darkness? Storm sailing? Zhengjingcheng? List of “Horror Lullaby”? The underground race is resurrected and the underground city is prospering? A chaotic black market all over the world? The bloody road? The most important thing is that dreaming will also fall into battle and enter the domain of dreams? Well, this damn time.

Darkmoon Era
Associated Names: 暗月纪元
Genres: Science, Fiction
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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