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An Apocalypse


One leisurely Sunday morning.
Breaking news comes on TV while eating ramen.

『This is breaking news. Currently, it is said that gangsters appear all over the city and attack citizens indiscriminately. They are threatening to bite people’s skin with this… … .』

The zombie crisis, which happened without warning, hits the city center in an instant,
The end has come.

Hye-o meets a man of great talent while heading for refuge in the hope of dying to live.

“Who, who are you?”
“1 minute.”
“I count 60 seconds inside. Don’t tell me until then.”

He handled the zombies easily, and he didn’t get a breath.
Hye-o realizes that in order to live, you have to stick to him.

In order to live, Gye-yoon and Hye-oh must cross a path of death.

“Please take me too.”
“… … .”

The man quietly narrowed the eyebrows. He hurriedly said, afraid to even dare to judge what the meaning was.

“I, what am I good at? He is good at hiding, he is good at running, and he knows the characteristics of zombies. I am healthy and smart in my own way, so I do well if I do anything.”
“… … .”
“Don’t listen to what you say.”

The merit of being able to stand out without breathing was recited. I can be confident that few people have this advantage in survival. You shouldn’t leave people like me and people like me who are easy to eat.

“I don’t eat a lot.”

Still, I added an advantage that I remembered lately in fear of pushing me to live on my own. Then, the man laughed lightly as if it was absurd.

An apocalypse
Associated Names: 어느 종말의 열애
True 9
Genres: Boys’ Love (BL)
Year: N/A
Status: 3 books (complete)

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