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Sing me tenderly, senior


“… … Do you know that?”
“Senior has a skill that makes people feel like they are.”

Leesu raised his eyes.
It was really a sudden declaration of war.

“Is our assignment to remember the other person’s name?”
“Then, do you mess up each other from the first day of class?”

Yisu gets caught up in an absurd argument in the first class of a general liberal arts subject.
It’s definitely the first time I’ve seen it, but Torai is a team member who curses for asking for a name.

“We met last year.”
“Don’t use the word “we”. I don’t know.”

But that junior, Cha Jae-hee, claimed that they met several times,
My best friend said that Jaehee wasn’t the one to get angry at any time.
It confuses Isu… … .

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Is that a senior mindset?”

No matter how much you push, the juniors who endlessly return are suspicious.

“then… If you kiss me, can I kiss you too?”

Seo Yi-soo is struck by everyone.
Cha Jae-hee is only struck by Seo Yi-soo.
Get used to the discomfort,
In the end, they are bound to be each other.

Sing me tenderly, senior
Associated Names: 다정하게 불러줘요, 선배
Eunkyu Lee
Genres: Boys’ Love (BL)
Year: N/A
Status: 4 books (complete)

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