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Affection sasoon


“Do you hate it? Exactly, ah. I hate carrots.”
“… … Do you hate carrots?”

Je Wi-yeon approached by saying that he was impressed by the snarling Hearing after dressing up as a rabbit in MT.
Seol is getting closer and closer to him without knowing the speed of fictitiousness with a humble heart… …

“I’ll be pretty. It’s a rabbit.”

“You are pretty. Cute, kind, pure. So when you’re embarrassed and pluck your ears like a rabbit… … .”

When you prick your ears? Jewi-yeon swallowed the back words as if anyone had blocked his mouth. what. Why don’t you talk?

“I remember a rabbit when I looked at you after that.”

Affection sasoon (愛情 飼馴)
Associated Names: 애정 사순(愛情 飼馴)
True 9

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