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Reverse life: meet Mr. Qin

Overnight, she changed from a daughter to a daughter of Baocuo. The biological daughter seems to be gentle and harmless, but framed and bullied every step; her boyfriend betrayed for money, and her adoptive father forced her to marry an old man instead of her sister; when falling into the abyss of darkness, only he is a beam of light. He held her in the palm of his hand: “My child, do you want to help you get justice?” She laughed: “No, I will do it myself.” When life is reversed, when everything is rewritten…Look at how she abuses Bailian and the scumbag and takes it back Everything belongs to me!

Reverse life: meet Mr. Qin
Alternative Name: 逆转人生:遇见秦先生, , Accidentally Meet Mr.Qin
Genre: romance
Author:  Ha Man Culture
Release: 2020
Status: ongoing
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