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α×β×α (alpha X beta X alpha)


A world where Beta rejects Alpha and Omega.
For Woohyun, who has a flower garden on her head, that is not important.

He approached everyone without hesitation and has a lot of beta friends, but for
some reason Alpha and Omega avoid him.
Only twins Alpha Yoon Han and Lee Yoon treat Woohyun casually… … .

Then one day, Suddenly, Woohyun’s body warmed up as if in heat. Surprised, when he turned to the twins for help, their eyes changed.
“You, have you become Omega?”

α×β×α (alpha X beta X alpha)
Associated Names: α×β×α (알파X베타X알파)
Genres: BL, romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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