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My brother’s expression looked like the air of dawn.
“Do you know why you sent me back here?”
I saw the loneliness hidden behind the sharp side.
“I am being punished.”
“… … .”
“I thought it was because I was born. No, I’m only getting punished now. My world on the test bench failed. So I came to make up for it.”
And in that loneliness, the moment when my brother and I separated was clearly contained.
“I won’t be greedy to try again. Even if I hate to see… Even if I hate me so much, just make up for it.”
“Only do one.”
“… … .”
“If you’re thinking about asking for forgiveness, just ask for forgiveness. If you’re thinking about giving up, just give up.”
The deep and dark dawn was slowly pushing away. The sun shining on and revealing its presence was gradually expanding my territory.
“If I pray forgiveness, will you accept it?”
“… … no.”
My brother, who showed a complicated distorted face, turned his back at me.

I lowered my vertically-facing hand and crippled my wet brother’s gown. The rain that had soaked into me started to attack my brother. My brother quietly approached and opened an umbrella over my head.
Fool, asshole, idiot. My brother started giving me a break 67 days after I returned to the past.
That day was 19 days before my brother left for Somalia.

Associated Names: 리턴(Re-turn)
Genres: BL, romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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