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A man playing strings


“ Please let me know . I will always repay my grace .”

“ My name is bend .”

Hyun , a woman who became a warrior of the imperial family as a foster daughter. When I was a hard child , I had a man who gave me warmth , with his name in my heart .

” My name is Danhwi . Will this also pay off ?”

“ … I will do it if I have a chance .”

But the day I met him again as the daughter’s marriage partner. He asked the name he had in his heart and returned to the perfect meditation warrior . No , I wanted to go back .

“ When I want you … It won’t be safe .”

Dan – hui , a man who throws ripples in a calm heart that was not shaken In the vicious offensive of the prince who did not know the woman’s affection The latches that you hung tightly start to crack .

“ I will make you my person .”

“Your Majesty cannot be a man to me .” The more I try to push, the more the man’s desire to fall into. It becomes a whirlpool of fierce fate and swallows two people .

“ I said I would have you, and I have already moved .”

A man playing strings
Associated Names: 현을 타는 남자
Jaehyun Ryu
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.11.03
Status: N/A

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