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On Guard


In small groups, a furry and friendly leader , Daughter who is compliant at home , In the company, Suhyun is a tough team leader .

“It’s cute if you have enough pretense .”

You’ve been hiding it well, but you’re caught by this unlucky man .

“ … What do you want .”

“It’s simple . You just have to please me .”

The new team leader , Seo Eun-tae . He said he would hide Suhyun’s multiple life . As a condition of becoming my entertainment street .

“If you understand, come here .”

“Get on and kiss me .”

When I tried to turn around and treat myself as a madman ,

“ I’ll listen to what you want .” He is the successor of the Bibliographic Group, and he comes up with a welcoming proposal .

On guard
Associated Names: 방심한 사이에
Gu Darwin
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.11.01
Status: N/A

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