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When I was 20, I gave my entire life and dug.
Both giving and giving were insufficient.
All I have to do is love fate to tear them apart… … .

“I can’t stand it. love me. I want to be loved.”
“I love you. I love you. I love Eunji.” I had a storm in my life that wasn’t green and I thought everything was broken. I never dreamed of meeting again.

“If you wait a lifetime, you will wait, but don’t make me wait a day.”

This is Seo Jun-pyo. He is the only person on earth who can tell you this way.

“I miss you.”

Licking her cheeks, holding the tears on her chin.

Tears flow even when riding the neckline, and beads-like things keep flowing and are holding up to the chest. They lick them down one by one with a hot tongue. Like that, his tongue swayed over her heart without hesitation.

“I’ll have you. I’m not sending it anywhere.”

If it is to be punished like this, the determination to receive as much as possible is being strengthened.

Associated Names: 러브풀 (LOVEFOOL)
Pale pink
Genres: Malepica
Year: 2020.11.23
Status: N/A

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