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Naughty Genius


Alisya, a girl who used to be trained as a soldier since childhood by her father and grandfather. Thanks to this ability, she managed to escape from a very dangerous black organization.

One time when she entered high school she met with Adith who was the No. 1 person in his school with very charming looks and extraordinary genius. Somehow with his naughty nature, he kept trying to attract Alisya’s attention but the murderous aura of the girl had thrilled Adith.

Does Alisya hate Adith? But … why is Alisya still trying to protect Adith even though she is half-conscious What happened to them? Who is Alisya and what is the reason behind Alisya who wants to protect Adith by risking her life?

Naughty Genius
Associated Names:
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Year: 2020
Status: ongoing

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