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Make Waves


She was just a puppet to marry, but she was moved by the nominal brother-in-law.
Sister escaped from marriage, she was sent to Xie’s house as a bride.
I didn’t realize that I was married, but looked at the man in front of me innocently, his voice was soft: “Brother-in-law~”

Seeing the man’s eyes darker, she realized later, but she had already stepped into the hunter’s cage.
Xie Dashao step by step, holding Qiao Xiaoxiao into his arms. The sweet married life makes people dizzy, but how can the stolen happiness go smoothly.

The elder sister who escaped from marriage is back and wants to get her fiance back… Qiao smiled as a stand-in, what should he do?

Make waves
Associated Names: 兴风作浪
Mu Yi Cangqiong
Genres: President, romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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