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A plausible lie


“Let’s sleep lightly together, well… Is that it?”

At Lee Yeon’s question, Hyun-oh was silent for a moment. His eyes without agitation were calm, but at the same time fluttered darkly as if angry.

“If nothing else is within your tolerance… … . What, yes. That would be okay too.”

Lee Yeon’s eyes were distorted. Even though he spoke first, when he heard it through his mouth, his heart was deeply stabbed as if he had been killed. Hyun-oh reached out. Lee Yeon was surprised, but as always, she did not avoid it.

“It’s changed a lot, Jung Yi-yeon.”

The hand that was touching my cheek touched my ear and slowly descended. The fingertips that were groping my skin slowly penetrated between the nape of the neck and the collar.

“You think well with me.”

A plausible lie
Associated Names: 그럴 듯한 거짓말
Early flowers
Genres: romance, novel
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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