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I went into the book with the team leader


“In the royal palace, secretly, what are you teaching?”
“Wait. That’s why it’s like a 19-gold novel, right?”

The moment I threw away my resignation,
I thought that that was the end of my relationship with the team leader who was arrogant and knew nothing but work.
By the way, in , I will be reunited with the Prince as Countess Young-ae, Extra… … .
The team leader who took me to the royal palace recklessly began to destroy the original.

“Is she the heroine?”
“It’s suspicious, so stay away.”
“What about the final black curtain? He will commit treason.”
“Let us hit it first.”
“Does that make sense?”

But his breakthrough did not stop there.
My lips, which stopped breathtakingly in front of my nose, felt unusually strange.

“Did you forget? This novel is of all ages!”
“Both are adults, and what does that matter?”
“Because I have it? Besides, I’m on duty now, and this is my office… … .”

Then, a provocative smile appeared on the team leader’s lips.

“Do not worry about it. No one will come.”
“How do you know that?”
“When I already called you here, I told you not to let anyone in.”

I went into the book with the team leader
Associated Names: 팀장님과 책 속에 들어가 버렸습니다
Genres: romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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