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Self-Explosion Romance


Ma Seong-hoon, the successor of the Mayun group is a coveted man who has wealth, ability, magical charm, and a shining appearance called Masterpiece However, there was a fatal weakness that women hate.
Only men can stay by his side. The Strategic Planning Office, consisting of only male secretaries including Ma Seong-hun, reaches a point called’Ssanghwa Point’.

Kang Deok-shim, a woman specially dispatched to calm down the rumors of the lower half of the body, the rumors, and the hypothesis surrounding Sung Hoon. The neat beauty and youth will be left for a while.
Starting today, she has to survive by her side as a newly born middle-aged woman secretary who is stubborn and old-fashioned. For a billion and to see a handsome face!

“Secretary Kang, don’t come closer than five steps. I’m sick of it.” Seong-hoon , who was the secretary of the river who ignored it, thought that a woman was just a living creature, and a strange selfishness sprouts in the heart. “A handsome face is my hobby. I don’t want to own it. The vice-chairman is contemplative. Virtue’s resolute refusal ignites Sung Hoon’s heart. “I have to reveal that I am a pretty energetic man, isn’t the contract ending?” Do you think I’ll miss you for reminding me of the existence of a guy who lives and breathes every morning?

The ultimate boss who shot the taste of Deokshim, who suffered from the rise and fall of his handsome face in his lifetime, is the struggling romance of Ma Seong-hoon , a very handsome man.

Self-Explosion Romance
Associated Names: 사심폭발 로망스
Genres: romance
Year: 2020
Status: 5

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