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Color Rush


Choi Yeon-woo can’t see the color. I was stuck only on the disappearance of my mother, who disappeared three years ago. He meets Yuhan, who suddenly causes a color rush, a phenomenon in which colors suddenly appear in the whole school through the tampering of his aunt. While trying to distance himself from being obsessed with his own, his curiosity never ceases. In the meantime, people related to clues about her mother’s disappearance begin to appear.

“We are no longer others, Mono and Probe. I am a probe, right?”
I can see the clown rising under the mask.
I am not an idiot. I don’t want to end my life by meeting Probe for no reason.
“sorry but.”
“I’m not sorry.”
“I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to meet Probe, I didn’t intend to meet him, and I’m not going to meet him in the future.”
“Is that because I’m a probe?”
The words stung my heart a little. However, the commitment has not changed.
My life is overwhelmed by finding a mother and I can’t handle it. There is no time for anything else to intervene.
“It doesn’t matter whoever, and my motto in life is peace.”
“Would you like to see me over there?”
I wear this unique mask, but I hate the color rush like before.
Because of that, I was making my gaze a little stiff, so I slowly moved my eyes and looked at the unique.
“Looking like that, it’s like I’m going to eat you.”
“I won’t grab it, not yet.”

Color Rush
Associated Names: 컬러 러쉬
Genres: BL novel
Year: 2020.09.01.
Status: 100 (Complete Side Story)

List of Chapters:

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