Chapter 9 Meet the New and Old Loves

Xia Xingchen was thinking, wondering if Wei Young would dare to be so arrogant after knowing that his child’s father is President Bai. Chi Weiyang changed the subject again and […]

Chapter 8 Unforgettable old love

When Xia Xingchen was about to fall asleep in a daze, he vaguely heard a noise at the door. The room was dark, without the lights on, she vaguely saw […]

Chapter 7 Xia Xingchen is embarrassed

Xia Xingchen had no choice but to stay close to the child. but…… After that day, Bai Yeqing really seemed to have completely disappeared, and he hadn’t appeared in this […]

Chapter 6 Are you Mr. President?

Someone who followed the man stepped forward and held Xia Xingchen’s shoulders awe-inspiringly. “You are so courageous!” Leng Chuang scolded and walked over, gazing heavily from Xia Xingchen, carefully falling […]

Chapter 5 Dreams into reality

As soon as Xia Xingchen walked out of the police station again lost, five black cars came slowly and stopped abruptly in front of them. The leading car was pushed […]

Chapter 4 Dad is dead

Xia Xingchen was about to rush over, a wall of people blocked her, two men in black stopped in front of her with both hands, and said blankly: “Miss, please […]

Chapter 3 The child is taken away

Li Ling was quite disdainful at first, thinking that it was the first dean who was bluffing them. Xia Guopeng is the deputy mayor. What scenes did Li Ling never […]

Chapter 2 Not allowed to hurt the child

“Guo Peng, I can see it now, your eldest daughter, she usually looks pure and clean, but she doesn’t know who is messing with someone outside.” Xia Guopeng’s wife Li […]

Chapter 1 Xia Xingchen is pregnant

Night, deep. In the wonderfully crafted bungalows, all the furnishings are invaluable. Xia Xingchen was lying on the bed groggy. This is a large retro bed with every pattern carved […]