Chapter 6 Woman, life and death

“Wow, Chen Yi, you just broke up one day, your ex-girlfriend went back to school wearing men’s clothes. It’s bold enough.” The beautiful Japanese girl laughed, glanced at Yaoyao, and […]

Marriage: Mansao’s Husband is Necrotic

Introduction: The half-sister did not want to marry the rumored ugly and inhumane fiancé, so her biological mother knelt down and begged her: “Your sister deserves something better. You can […]

Pure Girl

Introduction: One night she gets drunk and mistakes the most well-known Mafia boss for a host and intends to sleep with him. Oh my! What should I do? It’s best […]

Fighting Against Huaxin Boss

Introduction: In the Wu family, Master Lian knows no one, no one knows. In Wu Shi, Master Lian said you were wrong, then you are wrong. In Wu, don’t mess […]

Genius baby with pretty wife

Introduction: Genius baby with pretty wifeAssociated Names:Author(s): April Yao YaoGenres: novel, Action, Comedy, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life, SupernaturalYear: N/AStatus: 85 List of Chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 […]

Mr. Lu are my destiny

Introduction: Su Li has fed dogs for 15 years of youth. Once betrayed by her husband, she resolutely divorced and turned around to meet Lu Yanbei, the man who spoiled […]

Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World

Introduction: After transmigrating into a beast world, Rong Mingshi discovered that the people of this world experienced widespread mania. For example, when their emotions were abnormally agitated, they would become […]

My Husband is a Vinegar Bucket

Introduction: In an accident, Su Li ran into a mysterious man. The name of the other party is unknown, the occupation is unknown, and the marriage is unknown. what? Meeting […]