The Mountain Spirit in the Dream

Synopsis: Once upon a time, a leader named Jang Eun-won lived in a tiled house in the village below Mt.One day, Eun-won fell asleep while climbing a mountain and saw […]

Dear My Deer

Synopsis: On the graduation day of a secondary Santa educational institution, Lucas, who signed a Rudolph contract with the cute little deer, will reunite with his deer three years before […]

When the queen became a wealthy wife

Synopsis: “When the Queen Becomes a Giant Wife” She was the queen of a country who dominated the harem for 30 years, but died silently in the cold palace. When […]

Broken Wings

Synopsis: When his mother took Xiao Qinyu home for the first time, Wei Shixi was so shy and dared not to take another look. Turning around, she approached him step […]

Dragon King of Territory

Synopsis: Ye Quan’s father is in danger, and God of War returns to the city to save his father. Unexpectedly, his family was declining before, and he had to become […]

Buy one get one free

Synopsis: “Woman, do you dare to come back?” Haicheng’s most dangerous man pinched the woman’s neck, his eyes scarlet. Five years ago, everyone in Haicheng knew that Chi Huan was […]

Kill God Forever

Synopsis: Rebirth from broken corpses, guard against ghosts and seize sisters, kill God to prove Tao! Among the highest schools in China, you can freely choose various growth routes such […]


Synopsis: 13 year old winter night . Jinhyuk met Zeon, who was standing in the middle of the national highway with his bloody mother . He was in terror while […]