Bossy CEO’s Sweet Maid

Introduction: She thought God was kind enough to her when she was saved by him from the den of monsters. Though she’s just a maid to him, somehow it’s a […]

The Concubine of the Younger Son

Introduction: She is the only prostitute Yun Qianyue in the Yunwang Mansion of the Heavenly Sage Dynasty. She is also a dandy girl in the population. She is arrogant and […]

Becoming the Villain’s Family

Synopsis: Sirens… a name derived from an ancient creature, used to describe those who could charm, lure, control, and heal others by singing. Subjected to live the life of a […]

Cry, Even Better if you Beg

Synopsis: The Herhardt household’s masterpiece. The young owner of a heaven-like place called Arvis. The beautiful bird slaughterer. Matthias von Herhardt. His perfect life- completely swallowed, crushed, and shaken-by his […]

My Sister Picked up the Male Lead

Synopsis: I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Sister, what is ‘that’?” “That’ is your friend. Didn’t you say you wanted a friend? ”One day, my sister brought home a […]

My Husband Hides His Beauty

Synopsis: Castle of Halstead, where demons roam. As a demon hunter, a high-ranking lord has one secret.“I hear the face behind the mask is so ugly?”“Even demons will be afraid!”It’s […]

There are no Good Men and Women

Introduction: In a dystopian love story, no one has the luck of having true love casually-in the adult world, it is just a little bit of sincerity under temptation, selfishness, […]

The Ninth Wheel of Online Games

Synopsis: The protagonist is Ye Luo. The story of the novel mainly tells the story of a lover being forced to death, and he enters the sky with a terrible […]