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Category: Manga

Class Maid

Synopsis: aku schoolboy Arise Riku, who is solely interested in female anime characters, is a fan of Yu-Tan from the maid cafe. However, he comes to find that Yu-Tan is […]

Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!

Description: Ooyama-kun normally doesn’t get involved with Akutsu-san, a delinquent girl in his class, but for some reason she makes his house her hang-out place! Will Ooyama do something horrible to […]

There are too many girls, so I have to fly

Description: Tsundere celestial master, demon leader, sick sister, barefoot poison repair, white silk sword immortal, Ye Gulou, the youngest first person to cultivate immortality in Yunlai, was chased and killed by […]

School Flower Master

Description: Flowers and sisters, beautiful and strong sisters, pure beauty teachers, all cherishing their hugs … Normal high school students, incidentally, get a pen magic, and life has changed since then. […]

Boss is a Tsundere historical figure

Synopsis: The heroines who appeared on the historical stage are actually tsundere! ! Such a heroine is reborn as a boss! ! What is the strongest Tsundere! ? The content […]