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Category: Comic

My King Wants You

Synopsis: That night, she faded away from the youthfulness of the girl and became his woman, a few handsome princes of the heavenly family, a humble court lady with a […]


Synopsis: Repaint. . I want to finish the story. . There was no time before. Now there is time. . GunanAssociated Names: 古南Author(s): Jen surfaceGenres: manhuaYear: 2021Status: ongoing

Bamboo rat and bamboo bear

Synopsis: A bamboo bear and a bamboo rat live in the bamboo forest. Bamboo rats like bamboo bears very much. Bamboo bears don’t like bamboo rats that much. For the […]

Leisure road

Synopsis: The ordinary “leisure elementary school” turned out to be a school for cultivating immortals, and Tian Wei and his friends have since embarked on the long road of cultivating […]

Spiritual House

Synopsis: Zheng Dao, a student of Diosi, came back from the dead in a murderous house fire, awakened the blood of the heavenly master, and overpowered the evil spirits with […]

Iron Wall NO.37

Synopsis: Tianyu, the most unlucky high school student in history, signed a contract with the most powerful mechanical beast No. 37 in the universe. The demon company that came to […]


Synopsis: The Crystal World is a world composed of 7 seas. 4 power crystals support this world. Marin Marin, the dancer who lives on the island of happiness in the […]

Xianzhou City War

Synopsis: In the fifth year after the outbreak of war between alien races, humans and Ymir ceased fire and established a symbiosis city-Xianzhou City. The former battle heroes became the […]