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Category: Comic

Afterschool Cinderella

Synopsis: Based on Wadame’s novel (CYBIRD): Mari has just been accepted into the famous high school Wistalia, an establishment that brings together all the sons of industry mania or celebrities. […]

Afterschool Charisma

Synopsis: At St Kleio Academy the entrance fee is very exclusive. The prestigious institution only welcomes clones of famous historical figures: Beethoven, Elizabeth I, Freud, Napoleon or Hitler. Asked to […]

Afro Samurai

Synopsis: In a futuristic feudal Japan, the young Afro is a samurai as formidable as he is atypical! He is in e? and tall, curly and of African origin! Holder […]

Aflame Inferno

Synopsis: Kang Shichan is a withdrawn high school student who finds himself unwillingly in the middle of a battle between demons. Severely injured and on the verge of death, the […]

A Falling Cohabitation

Synopsis: A (handsome) old Gumiho who has been trying to become a human for 900 years, but was deprived of a fox ball by a female college student in an […]

Adventure Of God

Synopsis: In this slice of (eternal) life, you will meet God, visit heaven, and learn that what is happening behind the beaded doors is not exactly as the right book […]

Adventure Boys

Synopsis: Collection of several one shots in order: – 01 – Beyond the Door, – 02 – Lost, – 03 – Hero, – 04 – Sky-Blue Arch, – 05 – […]

Adventure And Trouble Diary

Synopsis: If you become my wife, I will grant all your wishes … “This sentence was said to Saeju, but the crazy thing is that it comes from a cat […]