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Category: Comic

Wish to Say Farewell

Synopsis: Ayne le Poregrin has three “trophies” in her collection of men: a reluctant fiancé held hostage by his debts, a fickle assassin paid to be her lover, and a […]

Holy Idol

Synopsis: Rembrary, the deputy of God loved by all and the holy high priest. When I woke up while fighting against the Demon King who invaded my world, I woke […]

Wu Geng Ji 2

Synopsis: The original comics of the “Wu Geng Ji” series of animations were renamed “Wu Geng Ji” in mainland China due to copyright reasons. The copyright in the mainland belongs […]

Fatty x Fatty

Synopsis: Here are everything you don’t know about Pangda and his friends. Fatty x FattyAssociated Names: 胖达x胖达Author(s): a wooden hunting landGenres: manhuaYear: 2020Status: ongoing

Wan Yao Wang (Manhua)

Synopsis: This is the story of the six realms of “people are afraid of ghosts, ghosts are all demons, demons resist gods, gods crush the Buddha, the Buddha destroys the […]

East Ranch

Synopsis: short comics, unit dramas on the theme of sealing monsters, original by Zhengzhou Manzhai Animation Co., Ltd., and finished. East RanchAssociated Names: 东燃奇谈Author(s): little white jadeGenres: manhuaYear: 2021Status: ongoing

Cut 斩

Synopsis: The light of this world has been swallowed by darkness, and the whole world is dominated by fear and darkness. In order to liberate the light swallowed by darkness, […]