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Category: Comic


Synopsis: Ordinary student Yayoi, because a thousand years ago, he was kind to Xiangliu’s daughter and had a marriage seal with Xiangliu’s daughter. He had no choice but to let […]

Before Autumn

Synopsis: No matter how you write the introduction, it will be a bit spoiler. Let’s see for yourself, a funny youth campus story about love and courage~ Before AutumnAssociated Names: […]

My kid is big brother

Synopsis: Eastern fantasy world, thousands of races, parallel to the world. Each race’s own bloodline, pure, reaches the level, can descend the Ascendant Gate and enter the Tianlan Divine Realm. […]

Xiantu is not full

Synopsis: On the day when the apocalypse opened, all the demons rose to immortals, and even the long insect kings were not left. Only the thousand-year-old demon fox that topped […]

Boss is a Tsundere historical figure

Synopsis: The heroines who appeared on the historical stage are actually tsundere! ! Such a heroine is reborn as a boss! ! What is the strongest Tsundere! ? The content […]

Eschatological Contradiction

Synopsis: A sudden crazy virus “People who died of illness will be resurrected to attack the living, and the bitten people will die one after another and then resurrect to […]