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Category: Genre

I Am the God of Games

Introduction: This is the tale of an earthling, who transmigrated as a dying third-rate god but somehow rose through the ranks, gaining followers and eventually causing the Fourth Great Apocalypse. […]

Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society

Introduction: The second moon marked the beginning of a revolutionary change. With the emergence of monsters and dungeons in modern society, and the ability users who fight against them, the […]

Divine Beast Adventures

Introduction: The world experienced a cataclysmic change, and countless spatial gateways appeared out of thin air. Exotic beasts of all shapes and sizes swarmed out of those aforementioned spatial gateways, […]

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Introduction: A genius talisman practitioner is reborn as a seven-year-old girl! However, her innocent appearance belies her vicious personality.In the remote countryside, the Crown Prince runs into her, beating up […]

Mr. Almost Perfect

Introduction: Zou: What kind of experience is it to fall in love with people who are much different in age?Yun Shu: Thank you for your invitation. He is eight years […]