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Love Script (2020)

Synopsis: Zhu Xuanwen is a man who possess high equal, good looks and many properties. However, after a car accident, he gets a delusional order and thinks that he is […]

Heroic Journey of Ne Zha (2020)

Synopsis: As a horrible drought settles over the land, the world begins to wither and die. Desperate to save their lives and their livelihoods, the people of the Chentang Pass […]

True Beauty (2020)

Synopsis: Joo Kyung is teased at school because of her ugly face. She seems to be able to fit into the school society that judges people based on their looks […]

Run On (2020)

Synopsis: Story of Gison Kyom, a former athlete who turned into a sports agent. He lives only looking forward, with Omiju, a foreign film translator. She is a woman who […]

Yaoi or BL

Yaoi GenreYaoi, also known by the wasei-eigo construction boys’ love and its abbreviation Boys’ Love (BL), is a genre of fictional media originating in Japan that features homoerotic relationships between […]

Lists Tx 19001-20000

19001 · 快穿锦鲤:反派大佬有点怂 小小仙19002 · 环太平洋中的机甲战神 天涯云飞19003 · 绝世惊华:鬼妃逆天下 浅笑如歌19004 · 神级高手在校园 白水泡饭19005 · 特种兵痞在都市 一抹沉香19006 · 一妃难求,贵女不愿嫁 霰雾鱼19007 · 开局无限签到吃鸡无敌 香火火火火19008 · 帝御山河 皇甫奇19009 · 漫威救世主 亿爵19010 · 一月一千万零花钱 尘二二19011 · 幸孕甜婚:老公,请关灯! 柠檬蜜19012 · 异界之一代天骄 天下正统19013 · 吞噬星空全文免费阅读 道天神痕19014 · 法师骑士 水得鱼19015 · […]

Lists Tx 18001-19000

18001 · 舰娘之我真不想当提督 南山空歌18002 · 穿成侯府傻女 漫步长安18003 · 跪下,我的霸气老公 沐九九18004 · 快穿之女配功德无量最新章节 九筒骨18005 · 萌王 王子虚18006 · 仙藏 鬼雨18007 · 名侦探世界的武者 秃头圣者18008 · 我开动物园那些年 拉棉花糖的兔子18009 · 苍天剑帝 剑樽18010 · 重生八零:农家全能小媳妇 团扇子18011 · 金缕恨 吉祥夜18012 · 全能控卫 猛砖18013 · 早安殿下 鄀鄀18014 · 极品神印少主 踏雪寻梅102018015 · […]