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Category: Novel Release

Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Introduction: Fifty years ago, Dragon City transmigrated to the Other World. Alone in the world, they lifted the banner of Earth’s civilization and fought against the terrifying forces of the […]

Marriage Ripple

Introduction: The craziest thing Qiao Xi had ever done was to provoke the third uncle of the Lu family that night. After being kicked, she fled in embarrassment, fearing in […]

Lifelong Confusion

Introduction: The boyfriend who has been in love for seven years married another woman, and he also designed her to be the bridesmaid. Drunk all night, but woke up in […]

I accidentally married a CEO

Introduction: She needed a husband for a day, she end up with one for a lifetime. He needed a translator for a business deal, end up with a wife instead. […]

I’ll Quit the Empress

Synopsis: “I, Evelyn Felice will abdicate as the Empress.”“You’re giving up your fortune without my permission, and you’re happy at will.”But a year later, like a coincidence, Fabian appeared again.“Our […]

Valkyrie Lord

Introduction: In his previous life, he was betrayed by his beloved woman. After rebirth, he vowed that he would never be hurt by a woman again! Valkyrie LordAssociated Names: 武神主宰Author(s): […]