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Chapter 4 Border Report!

Gods in the world! Hearing Fang Xuanling’s comment, Li Shimin did not deny it, but silently nodded. Because he thinks so too. This young man named Wang Yuan has really […]

Chapter 3 God and Man in the World!

With this stroke, the ink spread, directly causing Lao Li and Lao Fang’s blood to come on top, feeling that the blood was burning! Within ten days, the Turks can […]

Chapter 2 Asking Prince Wang for advice

The atmosphere was completely quiet, everyone was dumbfounded! “Seeing Weizhi, Wang Gongzi’s research on agriculture is so profound!” The stormy sea turned up in the heart of Lao Fang, and […]

Chapter 1 The Worst Traveler

During the Zhenguan period, winter, white snow flew. Jingzhao County, outside Lantian County. Wearing a woolen hat and animal skin clothes, Wang Yuan was sitting in a wooden house on […]