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Chapter 58 I Recognized the Wrong Person

The situation in the room felt so tensed that it was difficult to breathe. Ye Yuwei continued sitting on her bed, looking down at her pale, white fingers. “Probably because […]

Chapter 56 No Longer Love

“Ye Yuwei—” Gu Juexi reached out to hold her hand, but was pushed away by her. Ye Yuwei tore the notebook into pieces and then threw the pieces out. “It […]

Chapter 55 CEO Gu Must Not Have Known

Gu Juexi dragged Ye Yuwei upstairs without warning and he did not even bother about her staggering feet. “Brother Juexi…” Yu Sha’er shouted, her face was filled with hatred. PA […]

Chapter 54 The Returning Memory

Ye Yuwei’s smile remained and Gu Juexi’s facial expression got gloomier and more sinister. Yu Sha’er’s pitiful crying and Auntie Mao’s complaints did not stop. It was really a big […]

Chapter 53 Auntie Mao’s Performance

“What do you think you are doing, Auntie Mao?” Gu Juexi reached out and held onto the broom in Auntie Mao’s hand. Yu Sha’er went and hid behind him. “This […]