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Bright Chapter 25

“You have worked hard,” Lin Fang said softly, “Where is that thief Zhou Bo” “Buwenxuan, it’s not Zhou Bo” I was anxious, “I will explain to you later, we will […]

Bright Chapter 24

He didn’t answer, but instead said, “Xiao Qinghong, it’s not Lin Fang that you like, but Jiang Ding next to Lin Fang that day.” I stayed for a while. He […]

Bright Chapter 23

In the middle of the night, moonlight is like water sprinkling on the bluestone road. And the dark house in front of him. Two strong family members at the door […]

Bright Chapter 22

Xiaolan ran behind me. There are no chairs in the house, except for the soft blanket, which is a large bed. I had to walk over and sit down on […]

Bright Chapter 21

This night, stayed at the Wilderness Inn. The cold wind roared outside the window and the night was deep. I frowned and sat in front of the candlelight, stitch by […]