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Tag: Webtoon

True Beauty (Goddess Advent)

Synopsis: “I’ll do what I tell you, keep it secret” Ju-kyung even shuttles for Suho’s enlistment! How would it feel to live as a goddess?〈Goddess Advent〉 tells the story of […]

Related to Love

Synopsis: Regarding an office romance in the city, in a druken state, Xiao Ai Ai “shared a bed” with the high school Council President, and he’s also the General Manager […]


Synopsis: Four teens connected by love, lies, bullying and friendship. Will they be okay? BruisedAssociated Names:Author(s): Kiwitea01Genres: English , Comic , Webtoon , Western , Shoujo , Comedy , Delinquents […]

World of Raek

Synopsis: During an attack in his province, Inyuga Riyek- a child of two renowned heroes,- experiences the haunting tragedy of failing to save a life. -Losing his dominant hand in […]

Actually, I Was The Real One

Synopsis: In order to receive the love of her father, Keira strived to live the life of a perfect and submissive girl. However, one day Cosette appears pretending to be […]

Lord Commander’s Little Dove

Introduction: Her heart was broken when the man she loved for 8 years dumped her and engaged with the mayor’s daughter right after their break-up. She hoped that getting drunk […]

Reincarnation Cycle

Introduction: All others want to live forever while he wants to die; all others have to die while he couldn’t die but he couldn’t live, either. No matter how many […]

They All Want to Marry Me! Help!

Synopsis: When God closes a door, he opens a window—oh! not A WINDOW, but many fancy FRENCH WINDOWS!The day she was dumped by her ex, she was defended by a […]